כי לא מחשבותי מחשבותיכם

כִּי לֹא מַחְשְׁבוֹתַי מַחְשְׁבוֹתֵיכֶם, וְלֹא דַרְכֵיכֶם דְּרָכָי

Friday, December 16, 2011

Zecher Kofer Livrachah

A great man of reason and integrity has unfortunately succumbed to cancer at age 62. We will sorely miss him for his candid, witty and outspoken remarks against religion. A sadness crept into me that has accompanied the whole day already.

What made Hitchens unique was that he spoke with his heart what was on his mind. He was candid, honest enough to commend his adversaries in debates (unless they really didn't want to listen). A fellow kofer as well-read, eloquent and charming will be hard to find.

Below, I linked a video that gives you an impression of his astuteness, wit, eloquence and passion:

We'll miss you, Hitch.


  1. 13:35 is really the best clip.


  2. Christopher Hitchens was certainly the perfect example of an atheist.

  3. Alcohol and opiates are the religion of atheists. Atheists use them as pain killers rather than finding solace in prayer. 

    Hitchens was a life long alcoholic.


    Atheists are generally psychopaths who exhibit a lack of empathy and remorse, shallow emotions, egocentricity, and deceptiveness. 

    Hitchens dumped his pregnant first wife for another woman.


    Atheists hate God in spite of, not because of, science. 

    On 1/29/2009 Hitchens called male circumcision disgusting, wicked genital mutilation. 


    On 3/28/2007, the United Nations had officially recommended male circumcision as an important intervention to reduce the risk of HIV infection in men.

    The memory of the righteous shall be for a blessing; but the name of the wicked shall rot. Proverbs 10:7


  4. JP posted the same thing on my blog.

    I did not agree with Hitchens on many, many things. Whatever he said, however, was expressed brilliantly, and I am proud of the post I wrote in dedication to him.

  5. It's no surprise that atheists admire a worthless scumbag similar to themselves.

  6. JP posts the same crap based on his own weak, delusional reasoning everywhere he's not yet banned

  7. it interesting how many skeptics can't bear to hear the truth. unpious.com carefully shields it's brsinwashed readers from hearing any facts.

  8. Tell us the truth about your divorce from your first wife JP. You alway claim atheists are prone to divorce. Please, don't shield us from your sordid past.

  9. What's sordid? She converted to judaism then dropped out.

  10. Should we examine all orthodox rabbi behavior too? Lets examine his arguments, none of this ad hominem


  11. What I think is interesting is the way Hitchens, in this article


    has such a stupid attitude regarding his lifestyle:

    "I’d noticed a touch of decline here and there, but one puts these things down to Anno Domini and the acquirement of seniority. A bit of a stomach gives a chap a position in society. A glass of refreshment, in my view, never hurt anybody. This walking business is overrated: I mastered the art of doing it when I was quite small, and in any case, what are taxis for? Smoking is a vice, I will admit, but one has to have a hobby."

    Now as an atheist, I assume Hitchens had the highest regard for science. And any expert physician would have told him that he was clearly killing himself. As we know now, he would be dead a little over four years after writing these words. Yet he simply jokes, chuckles and giggles about it all. That's what atheism is really all about. Addiction. Denying reality. Jokes. LOL.

  12. Stein we just have to read the letter your mother wrote about you in order to judge your acumen and veracity- or the lack thereof:


  13. Skeptic Yid, if a rabbi, accused of child abuse, would deny it all as being a pack of lies, would you automatically take his side as well? This isn't any different.

    I don't mean to shatter your naiveté, however OF COURSE criminals always vehemently deny any wrong doing, unless pleading guilty is the only way to get a lighter sentence.

  14. Ask the Epples about their other adopted son, Douglas Epple, two years younger than myself. Why was he repeatedly admitted to psychiatric hospitals shortly after I left? Why has he never been employed?

  15. So it's their fault he's unemployed and it's the fault of a woman you harassed as well as Boces that you're unemployed. I see. You say in your interview that there's no work for IT people. Funny thing is, the classified ads and help wanted websites list a diverse range of IT positions that need to be filled. It seems that your statement applies to you as well:

    "criminals always vehemently deny any wrong doing"

  16. since someone brought it up, I think this does give some insight into America's current atheistic fascism.


  17. Boces isn't an atheist organization. As you indicated, BOCES does not expel pro-Life students. Only those who advocate mass murder such as yourself. You lied during your interview when you stated there aren't IT jobs available. Your own letter to your parents when you left home does not indicate any abuse or anti-semitism on their part whatsoever. If anything, it indicates a close relationship that you severed in the typical fashion of a child being indoctrinated into a cult. The evidence points in favor of your mother.

  18. "Only those who advocate mass murder such as yourself."

    A death penalty for sodomy isn't murder or massive. 

    There is a Federal law that sentences some drug dealers to death (18 U.S.C. 3591(b))


    I haven't heard that it's mass murder.

    BOCES is a publicly funded vocational school which expelled a student for expressing an unpopular political opinion. I would call it pro-atheist fascism.

    "You lied during your interview when you stated there aren't IT jobs available."

    Know any COBOL recently hired anywhere? Or any programmers for that matter?

    "Your own letter to your parents when you left home does not indicate any abuse or anti-semitism on their part whatsoever."

    So any child who only years later claims abuse is lying. OK, remember that the next time some rabbi is accused.

    You're babbling about things you know nothing about. Like all atheists.

  19. And back on topic . . .
    I think Anthony Bourdain tweeted it best:
    "Christopher Hitchens RIP. The world just got a helluva a lot dumber."

  20. Maybe say the same for Kim Jong Il. Also an atheist and Marxist with a unhealthy lifestyle.

  21. no, JP. kim jong il LIMITED peoples rights and freedoms while commanding them to accept his greatness dogmatically. hitchens fought to EXPAND peoples rights while rejecting all dogma. of course as a deluded religious fundie you more closely resemble the former as you embrace dogmatic nonsense absent evidence and desire to limit human rights up to and including killing people for the 'sin' of wanting to put their penis in a different place than you do. you and kim yong il are two peas in the same pod. and hitchens despised you both.

  22. "hitchens fought to EXPAND peoples rights"

    Hitchens praised Lenin quite recently.


    Lenin was a brutal dictator who would definitely have felt comfortable with Kim Jong Il.

    Lenin delineated action against defiers of the decreed Bolshevik removal of Orthodox Church valuables: "We must... put down all resistance with such brutality that they will not forget it for several decades... The greater the number of representatives of the reactionary clergy and reactionary bourgeoisie we succeed in executing... the better." As a result of this letter, historian Orlando Figes estimates that perhaps 8,000 priests and laymen were executed.


    According to Hitchens we had every right to listen to him or be shot. 

  23. i'm glad you didnt dispute that you

    1.are a deluded religious fundie
    2.embrace dogmatic nonsense absent evidence
    3.desire to limit human rights up to and including killing people...

    but instead chose to respond by offering the equivalent of 'yeah but hitchens praised lenin'... how telling.

  24. I didn't need to bother with all that after I demonstrated what a complete moron you are.

  25. I seriously see little distinction between Hitchens and Kim Jong Il, other than the fact that Kim Jong Il had the good luck to inherit a small country plus he apparently didn't smoke, therefore lived almost a decade longer. Both were equally fanatic and evil.

  26. youre very amusing in a laughing AT you , not WITH you kind of way. i cant imagine how you would rub anyone the wrong way. LOL

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  28. Hi UK,
    On the topic of inspirations . . .I was trying to find an e-mail address but could not, so I hope you don't mind me posting this here. Your blog was one of the inspirations for the post I just wrote. Please check it out if you are able to. http://coinlaundryblog.blogspot.com/2012/01/dh-to-my-tms-what-got-me-blogging.html

  29. made decent points...but seemed an unhappy and depressed being...