כי לא מחשבותי מחשבותיכם

כִּי לֹא מַחְשְׁבוֹתַי מַחְשְׁבוֹתֵיכֶם, וְלֹא דַרְכֵיכֶם דְּרָכָי

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

An 'Urgent' WhatsApp message...

So someone sent me this message on WhatsApp tonight:
URGENT! Please share with as much people as possible. The Rav hamekoubal Nissim Shalom declared that his grandfather ZT"L appeared to him in a dream and revealed to him that the Machiach is at his door, and ordered him to let as many jewish people as possible know about it as well as many people as possible. The Rav insisted upon the fact that whoever will send this message will be saved from the suffering which are supposed to occur with the coming of Machiach and that whoever won't do it will sustain a substantial loss of money. The Rav asked to send this message to at least 12 people, a number corresponding to the number of the tribes of Israel. It is a very favorable moment now in heaven , and to those who might be skeptical and not believe in the words of the Rav should know that the Rav would never make such a declaration without serious reasons to do so because it is forbidden to give false hopes to the Jewish people. From the Rav Yoel Benharoushe. Thank you.
So how does one approach such a chain mail skeptically?

Well, one of the following shall do the trick:
  1. Chain mail messages should always get you in a skeptic mindset!
  2. Google the whole message and you will find the oldest reference to be a Yeshivah World News topic dated 2010 (it's December 2017 now, the mashiach surely is stuck in traffic somewhere!).
  3. Note that the name of the alleged grandfather of the mekubal (kabbalist) is not mentioned.
  4. Note that no dates are mentioned (that will surely fuck up the success of any chain mail!).
  5. In a real fake chain mail, there's always a vague promise "whoever will send this message will be saved from the suffering which are supposed to occur with the coming of Machiach" and a threat if you don't forward the message: "whoever won't do it will sustain a substantial loss of money".
  6. Google 'Nissim Shalom' and you will find no other reference to the guy besides this chain mail and some sefardi Facebook profiles.
  7. Look up who Rabbi "Yoel Benharoushe" is on Google and you will find the name of some guy who owns an art gallery.
  8. Lastly, the following should be common sense to you:

Kindly let me know in the comments if I missed something.

Monday, March 27, 2017

On Morality in Bemidbar

As they say, "A picture says more than a 1000 words":

Numbers Chapter 31 בְּמִדְבַּר

א  וַיְדַבֵּר יְהוָה, אֶל-מֹשֶׁה לֵּאמֹר.1 And the LORD spoke unto Moses, saying:
ב  נְקֹם, נִקְמַת בְּנֵי יִשְׂרָאֵל, מֵאֵת, הַמִּדְיָנִים; אַחַר, תֵּאָסֵף אֶל-עַמֶּיךָ.2 'Avenge the children of Israel of the Midianites; afterward shalt thou be gathered unto thy people.'
ג  וַיְדַבֵּר מֹשֶׁה אֶל-הָעָם לֵאמֹר, הֵחָלְצוּ מֵאִתְּכֶם אֲנָשִׁים לַצָּבָא; וְיִהְיוּ, עַל-מִדְיָן, לָתֵת נִקְמַת-יְהוָה, בְּמִדְיָן.3 And Moses spoke unto the people, saying: 'Arm ye men from among you for the war, that they may go against Midian, to execute the LORD'S vengeance on Midian.
ד  אֶלֶף, לַמַּטֶּה, אֶלֶף, לַמַּטֶּה--לְכֹל מַטּוֹת יִשְׂרָאֵל, תִּשְׁלְחוּ לַצָּבָא.4 Of every tribe a thousand, throughout all the tribes of Israel, shall ye send to the war.'
ה  וַיִּמָּסְרוּ מֵאַלְפֵי יִשְׂרָאֵל, אֶלֶף לַמַּטֶּה--שְׁנֵים-עָשָׂר אֶלֶף, חֲלוּצֵי צָבָא.5 So there were delivered, out of the thousands of Israel, a thousand of every tribe, twelve thousand armed for war.
ו  וַיִּשְׁלַח אֹתָם מֹשֶׁה אֶלֶף לַמַּטֶּה, לַצָּבָא:  אֹתָם וְאֶת-פִּינְחָס בֶּן-אֶלְעָזָר הַכֹּהֵן, לַצָּבָא, וּכְלֵי הַקֹּדֶשׁ וַחֲצֹצְרוֹת הַתְּרוּעָה, בְּיָדוֹ.6 And Moses sent them, a thousand of every tribe, to the war, them and Phinehas the son of Eleazar the priest, to the war, with the holy vessels and the trumpets for the alarm in his hand.
ז  וַיִּצְבְּאוּ, עַל-מִדְיָן, כַּאֲשֶׁר צִוָּה יְהוָה, אֶת-מֹשֶׁה; וַיַּהַרְגוּ, כָּל-זָכָר.7 And they warred against Midian, as the LORD commanded Moses; and they slew every male.
ח  וְאֶת-מַלְכֵי מִדְיָן הָרְגוּ עַל-חַלְלֵיהֶם, אֶת-אֱוִי וְאֶת-רֶקֶם וְאֶת-צוּר וְאֶת-חוּר וְאֶת-רֶבַע--חֲמֵשֶׁת, מַלְכֵי מִדְיָן; וְאֵת בִּלְעָם בֶּן-בְּעוֹר, הָרְגוּ בֶּחָרֶב.8 And they slew the kings of Midian with the rest of their slain: Evi, and Rekem, and Zur, and Hur, and Reba, the five kings of Midian; Balaam also the son of Beor they slew with the sword.
ט  וַיִּשְׁבּוּ בְנֵי-יִשְׂרָאֵל אֶת-נְשֵׁי מִדְיָן, וְאֶת-טַפָּם; וְאֵת כָּל-בְּהֶמְתָּם וְאֶת-כָּל-מִקְנֵהֶם וְאֶת-כָּל-חֵילָם, בָּזָזוּ.9 And the children of Israel took captive the women of Midian and their little ones; and all their cattle, and all their flocks, and all their goods, they took for a prey.
י  וְאֵת כָּל-עָרֵיהֶם בְּמוֹשְׁבֹתָם, וְאֵת כָּל-טִירֹתָם--שָׂרְפוּ, בָּאֵשׁ.10 And all their cities in the places wherein they dwelt, and all their encampments, they burnt with fire.
יא  וַיִּקְחוּ, אֶת-כָּל-הַשָּׁלָל, וְאֵת, כָּל-הַמַּלְקוֹחַ--בָּאָדָם, וּבַבְּהֵמָה.11 And they took all the spoil, and all the prey, both of man and of beast.
יב  וַיָּבִאוּ אֶל-מֹשֶׁה וְאֶל-אֶלְעָזָר הַכֹּהֵן וְאֶל-עֲדַת בְּנֵי-יִשְׂרָאֵל, אֶת-הַשְּׁבִי וְאֶת-הַמַּלְקוֹחַ וְאֶת-הַשָּׁלָל--אֶל-הַמַּחֲנֶה:  אֶל-עַרְבֹת מוֹאָב, אֲשֶׁר עַל-יַרְדֵּן יְרֵחוֹ.  {ס}12 And they brought the captives, and the prey, and the spoil, unto Moses, and unto Eleazar the priest, and unto the congregation of the children of Israel, unto the camp, unto the plains of Moab, which are by the Jordan at Jericho. {S}
יג  וַיֵּצְאוּ מֹשֶׁה וְאֶלְעָזָר הַכֹּהֵן, וְכָל-נְשִׂיאֵי הָעֵדָה--לִקְרָאתָם:  אֶל-מִחוּץ, לַמַּחֲנֶה.13 And Moses, and Eleazar the priest, and all the princes of the congregation, went forth to meet them without the camp.
יד  וַיִּקְצֹף מֹשֶׁה, עַל פְּקוּדֵי הֶחָיִל, שָׂרֵי הָאֲלָפִים וְשָׂרֵי הַמֵּאוֹת, הַבָּאִים מִצְּבָא הַמִּלְחָמָה.14 And Moses was wroth with the officers of the host, the captains of thousands and the captains of hundreds, who came from the service of the war.
טו  וַיֹּאמֶר אֲלֵיהֶם, מֹשֶׁה:  הַחִיִּיתֶם, כָּל-נְקֵבָה.15 And Moses said unto them: 'Have ye saved all the women alive?
טז  הֵן הֵנָּה הָיוּ לִבְנֵי יִשְׂרָאֵל, בִּדְבַר בִּלְעָם, לִמְסָר-מַעַל בַּיהוָה, עַל-דְּבַר-פְּעוֹר; וַתְּהִי הַמַּגֵּפָה, בַּעֲדַת יְהוָה.16 Behold, these caused the children of Israel, through the counsel of Balaam, to revolt so as to break faith with the LORD in the matter of Peor, and so the plague was among the congregation of the LORD.
יז  וְעַתָּה, הִרְגוּ כָל-זָכָר בַּטָּף; וְכָל-אִשָּׁה, יֹדַעַת אִישׁ לְמִשְׁכַּב זָכָר--הֲרֹגוּ.17 Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him.
יח  וְכֹל הַטַּף בַּנָּשִׁים, אֲשֶׁר לֹא-יָדְעוּ מִשְׁכַּב זָכָר--הַחֲיוּ, לָכֶם.18 But all the women children, that have not known man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves.
יט  וְאַתֶּם, חֲנוּ מִחוּץ לַמַּחֲנֶה--שִׁבְעַת יָמִים:  כֹּל הֹרֵג נֶפֶשׁ וְכֹל נֹגֵעַ בֶּחָלָל, תִּתְחַטְּאוּ בַּיּוֹם הַשְּׁלִישִׁי וּבַיּוֹם הַשְּׁבִיעִי--אַתֶּם, וּשְׁבִיכֶם.19 And encamp ye without the camp seven days; whosoever hath killed any person, and whosoever hath touched any slain, purify yourselves on the third day and on the seventh day, ye and your captives.
כ  וְכָל-בֶּגֶד וְכָל-כְּלִי-עוֹר וְכָל-מַעֲשֵׂה עִזִּים, וְכָל-כְּלִי-עֵץ--תִּתְחַטָּאוּ.  {ס}20 And as to every garment, and all that is made of skin, and all work of goats' hair, and all things made of wood, ye shall purify.' {S}
כא  וַיֹּאמֶר אֶלְעָזָר הַכֹּהֵן אֶל-אַנְשֵׁי הַצָּבָא, הַבָּאִים לַמִּלְחָמָה:  זֹאת חֻקַּת הַתּוֹרָה, אֲשֶׁר-צִוָּה יְהוָה אֶת-מֹשֶׁה.21 And Eleazar the priest said unto the men of war that went to the battle: 'This is the statute of the law which the LORD hath commanded Moses:
כב  אַךְ אֶת-הַזָּהָב, וְאֶת-הַכָּסֶף; אֶת-הַנְּחֹשֶׁת, אֶת-הַבַּרְזֶל, אֶת-הַבְּדִיל, וְאֶת-הָעֹפָרֶת.22 Howbeit the gold, and the silver, the brass, the iron, the tin, and the lead,
כג  כָּל-דָּבָר אֲשֶׁר-יָבֹא בָאֵשׁ, תַּעֲבִירוּ בָאֵשׁ וְטָהֵר--אַךְ, בְּמֵי נִדָּה יִתְחַטָּא; וְכֹל אֲשֶׁר לֹא-יָבֹא בָּאֵשׁ, תַּעֲבִירוּ בַמָּיִם.23 every thing that may abide the fire, ye shall make to go through the fire, and it shall be clean; nevertheless it shall be purified with the water of sprinkling; and all that abideth not the fire ye shall make to go through the water.
כד  וְכִבַּסְתֶּם בִּגְדֵיכֶם בַּיּוֹם הַשְּׁבִיעִי, וּטְהַרְתֶּם; וְאַחַר, תָּבֹאוּ אֶל-הַמַּחֲנֶה.  {ס}24 And ye shall wash your clothes on the seventh day, and ye shall be clean, and afterward ye may come into the camp.' {S}
כה  וַיֹּאמֶר יְהוָה, אֶל-מֹשֶׁה לֵּאמֹר.25 And the LORD spoke unto Moses, saying:
כו  שָׂא, אֵת רֹאשׁ מַלְקוֹחַ הַשְּׁבִי, בָּאָדָם, וּבַבְּהֵמָה--אַתָּה וְאֶלְעָזָר הַכֹּהֵן, וְרָאשֵׁי אֲבוֹת הָעֵדָה.26 'Take the sum of the prey that was taken, both of man and of beast, thou, and Eleazar the priest, and the heads of the fathers' houses of the congregation;
כז  וְחָצִיתָ, אֶת-הַמַּלְקוֹחַ, בֵּין תֹּפְשֵׂי הַמִּלְחָמָה, הַיֹּצְאִים לַצָּבָא--וּבֵין, כָּל-הָעֵדָה.27 and divide the prey into two parts: between the men skilled in war, that went out to battle, and all the congregation;
כח  וַהֲרֵמֹתָ מֶכֶס לַיהוָה, מֵאֵת אַנְשֵׁי הַמִּלְחָמָה הַיֹּצְאִים לַצָּבָא--אֶחָד נֶפֶשׁ, מֵחֲמֵשׁ הַמֵּאוֹת:  מִן-הָאָדָם, וּמִן-הַבָּקָר, וּמִן-הַחֲמֹרִים, וּמִן-הַצֹּאן.28 and levy a tribute unto the LORD of the men of war that went out to battle: one soul of five hundred, both of the persons, and of the beeves, and of the asses, and of the flocks;
כט  מִמַּחֲצִיתָם, תִּקָּחוּ; וְנָתַתָּה לְאֶלְעָזָר הַכֹּהֵן, תְּרוּמַת יְהוָה.29 take it of their half, and give it unto Eleazar the priest, as a portion set apart for the LORD.
ל  וּמִמַּחֲצִת בְּנֵי-יִשְׂרָאֵל תִּקַּח אֶחָד אָחֻז מִן-הַחֲמִשִּׁים, מִן-הָאָדָם מִן-הַבָּקָר מִן-הַחֲמֹרִים וּמִן-הַצֹּאן--מִכָּל-הַבְּהֵמָה; וְנָתַתָּה אֹתָם, לַלְוִיִּם, שֹׁמְרֵי, מִשְׁמֶרֶת מִשְׁכַּן יְהוָה.30 And of the children of Israel's half, thou shalt take one drawn out of every fifty, of the persons, of the beeves, of the asses, and of the flocks, even of all the cattle, and give them unto the Levites, that keep the charge of the tabernacle of the LORD.'
לא  וַיַּעַשׂ מֹשֶׁה, וְאֶלְעָזָר הַכֹּהֵן, כַּאֲשֶׁר צִוָּה יְהוָה, אֶת-מֹשֶׁה.31 And Moses and Eleazar the priest did as the LORD commanded Moses.
לב  וַיְהִי, הַמַּלְקוֹחַ--יֶתֶר הַבָּז, אֲשֶׁר בָּזְזוּ עַם הַצָּבָא:  צֹאן, שֵׁשׁ-מֵאוֹת אֶלֶף וְשִׁבְעִים אֶלֶף--וַחֲמֵשֶׁת אֲלָפִים.32 Now the prey, over and above the booty which the men of war took, was six hundred thousand and seventy thousand and five thousand sheep,
לג  וּבָקָר, שְׁנַיִם וְשִׁבְעִים אָלֶף.33 and threescore and twelve thousand beeves,
לד  וַחֲמֹרִים, אֶחָד וְשִׁשִּׁים אָלֶף.34 and threescore and one thousand asses,
לה  וְנֶפֶשׁ אָדָם--מִן-הַנָּשִׁים, אֲשֶׁר לֹא-יָדְעוּ מִשְׁכַּב זָכָר:  כָּל-נֶפֶשׁ, שְׁנַיִם וּשְׁלֹשִׁים אָלֶף.35 and thirty and two thousand persons in all, of the women that had not known man by lying with him.
לו  וַתְּהִי, הַמֶּחֱצָה--חֵלֶק, הַיֹּצְאִים בַּצָּבָא:  מִסְפַּר הַצֹּאן, שְׁלֹשׁ-מֵאוֹת אֶלֶף וּשְׁלֹשִׁים אֶלֶף, וְשִׁבְעַת אֲלָפִים, וַחֲמֵשׁ מֵאוֹת.36 And the half, which was the portion of them that went out to war, was in number three hundred thousand and thirty thousand and seven thousand and five hundred sheep.
לז  וַיְהִי הַמֶּכֶס לַיהוָה, מִן-הַצֹּאן--שֵׁשׁ מֵאוֹת, חָמֵשׁ וְשִׁבְעִים.37 And the LORD'S tribute of the sheep was six hundred and threescore and fifteen.
לח  וְהַבָּקָר--שִׁשָּׁה וּשְׁלֹשִׁים, אָלֶף; וּמִכְסָם לַיהוָה, שְׁנַיִם וְשִׁבְעִים.38 And the beeves were thirty and six thousand, of which the LORD'S tribute was threescore and twelve.
לט  וַחֲמֹרִים, שְׁלֹשִׁים אֶלֶף וַחֲמֵשׁ מֵאוֹת; וּמִכְסָם לַיהוָה, אֶחָד וְשִׁשִּׁים.39 And the asses were thirty thousand and five hundred, of which the LORD'S tribute was threescore and one.
מ  וְנֶפֶשׁ אָדָם, שִׁשָּׁה עָשָׂר אָלֶף; וּמִכְסָם, לַיהוָה--שְׁנַיִם וּשְׁלֹשִׁים, נָפֶשׁ.40 And the persons were sixteen thousand, of whom the LORD'S tribute was thirty and two persons.
מא  וַיִּתֵּן מֹשֶׁה, אֶת-מֶכֶס תְּרוּמַת יְהוָה, לְאֶלְעָזָר, הַכֹּהֵן--כַּאֲשֶׁר צִוָּה יְהוָה, אֶת-מֹשֶׁה.41 And Moses gave the tribute, which was set apart for the LORD, unto Eleazar the priest, as the LORD commanded Moses.
מב  וּמִמַּחֲצִית, בְּנֵי יִשְׂרָאֵל, אֲשֶׁר חָצָה מֹשֶׁה, מִן-הָאֲנָשִׁים הַצֹּבְאִים.42 And of the children of Israel's half, which Moses divided off from the men that warred--
מג  וַתְּהִי מֶחֱצַת הָעֵדָה, מִן-הַצֹּאן--שְׁלֹשׁ-מֵאוֹת אֶלֶף וּשְׁלֹשִׁים אֶלֶף, שִׁבְעַת אֲלָפִים וַחֲמֵשׁ מֵאוֹת.43 now the congregation's half was three hundred thousand and thirty thousand and seven thousand and five hundred sheep,
מד  וּבָקָר, שִׁשָּׁה וּשְׁלֹשִׁים אָלֶף.44 and thirty and six thousand beeves,
מה  וַחֲמֹרִים, שְׁלֹשִׁים אֶלֶף וַחֲמֵשׁ מֵאוֹת.45 and thirty thousand and five hundred asses,
מו  וְנֶפֶשׁ אָדָם, שִׁשָּׁה עָשָׂר אָלֶף.46 and sixteen thousand persons--
מז  וַיִּקַּח מֹשֶׁה מִמַּחֲצִת בְּנֵי-יִשְׂרָאֵל, אֶת-הָאָחֻז אֶחָד מִן-הַחֲמִשִּׁים--מִן-הָאָדָם, וּמִן-הַבְּהֵמָה; וַיִּתֵּן אֹתָם לַלְוִיִּם, שֹׁמְרֵי מִשְׁמֶרֶת מִשְׁכַּן יְהוָה, כַּאֲשֶׁר צִוָּה יְהוָה, אֶת-מֹשֶׁה.47 even of the children of Israel's half, Moses took one drawn out of every fifty, both of man and of beast, and gave them unto the Levites, that kept the charge of the tabernacle of the LORD; as the LORD commanded Moses.
מח  וַיִּקְרְבוּ, אֶל-מֹשֶׁה, הַפְּקֻדִים, אֲשֶׁר לְאַלְפֵי הַצָּבָא--שָׂרֵי הָאֲלָפִים, וְשָׂרֵי הַמֵּאוֹת.48 And the officers that were over the thousands of the host, the captains of thousands, and the captains of hundreds, came near unto Moses;
מט  וַיֹּאמְרוּ, אֶל-מֹשֶׁה, עֲבָדֶיךָ נָשְׂאוּ אֶת-רֹאשׁ אַנְשֵׁי הַמִּלְחָמָה, אֲשֶׁר בְּיָדֵנוּ; וְלֹא-נִפְקַד מִמֶּנּוּ, אִישׁ.49 and they said unto Moses: 'Thy servants have taken the sum of the men of war that are under our charge, and there lacketh not one man of us.
נ  וַנַּקְרֵב אֶת-קָרְבַּן יְהוָה, אִישׁ אֲשֶׁר מָצָא כְלִי-זָהָב אֶצְעָדָה וְצָמִיד, טַבַּעַת, עָגִיל וְכוּמָז--לְכַפֵּר עַל-נַפְשֹׁתֵינוּ, לִפְנֵי יְהוָה.50 And we have brought the LORD'S offering, what every man hath gotten, of jewels of gold, armlets, and bracelets, signet-rings, ear-rings, and girdles, to make atonement for our souls before the LORD.'
נא  וַיִּקַּח מֹשֶׁה וְאֶלְעָזָר הַכֹּהֵן, אֶת-הַזָּהָב--מֵאִתָּם:  כֹּל, כְּלִי מַעֲשֶׂה.51 And Moses and Eleazar the priest took the gold of them, even all wrought jewels.
נב  וַיְהִי כָּל-זְהַב הַתְּרוּמָה, אֲשֶׁר הֵרִימוּ לַיהוָה--שִׁשָּׁה עָשָׂר אֶלֶף שְׁבַע-מֵאוֹת וַחֲמִשִּׁים, שָׁקֶל:  מֵאֵת שָׂרֵי הָאֲלָפִים, וּמֵאֵת שָׂרֵי הַמֵּאוֹת.52 And all the gold of the gift that they set apart for the LORD, of the captains of thousands, and of the captains of hundreds, was sixteen thousand seven hundred and fifty shekels.--
נג  אַנְשֵׁי, הַצָּבָא, בָּזְזוּ, אִישׁ לוֹ.53 For the men of war had taken booty, every man for himself.--
נד  וַיִּקַּח מֹשֶׁה וְאֶלְעָזָר הַכֹּהֵן, אֶת-הַזָּהָב, מֵאֵת שָׂרֵי הָאֲלָפִים, וְהַמֵּאוֹת; וַיָּבִאוּ אֹתוֹ אֶל-אֹהֶל מוֹעֵד, זִכָּרוֹן לִבְנֵי-יִשְׂרָאֵל לִפְנֵי יְהוָה.  {פ}54 And Moses and Eleazar the priest took the gold of the captains of thousands and of hundreds, and brought it into the tent of meeting, for a memorial for the children of Israel before the LORD. {P}

Monday, March 20, 2017

More on Yahweh in your DNA

My friend Victor Hill had the following to add to my previous post called "Yahweh Hides in your DNA":
Chazal tell us
מילתא דעבידא לאיגלויי לא משקר – יבמות צ"ג ע"ב
This man tells his high school class that in 1986 he was a scientist at the Weizman Institute of Science and made a discovery that shows that the Tetragrammaton is patterned on every strand of human DNA. He says that at the time of this discovery he received calls from the Vatican, from the Israeli chief rabbi, and from prime minister Yitzchak Shamir. He claims ...that his results were published in the journals SCIENCE and NATURE, and anyone who doubts him can look it up for themselves in the October 1986 issue of NATURE.
It turns out that his name doesn’t appear as an author of any article in that journal at any time. In particular, in October of 1986 there were six issues of the journal and he doesn’t appear in any of them.
He seems to not have learned the first rule of miracle stories: NEVER GIVE EXACT NAMES AND DATES. A miracle story must be at all times unverifiable.
In addition, Dr Rubinstein claimed (see minute 1:35) that men and women have different amounts of chromosomes. Such a scientist!
Here's another video of the the great scholar saying [at about the 1:50 min. mark] that males and females have different numbers of chromosomes. Again he says males have 22 and females have 24!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Yahweh Hides in your DNA!

A friend of mine sent me a Hidabroot video of Dr Yeshayahu Rubinstein. A longer video can be seen below:

In this video, the Argentinian-born scientist explains how he discovered God in DNA.

Wall Street millionair turned kiruv Rabbi Yaron Reuven is using this highly interesting material and explains it in English (he mentioned that Dr Rubinstein is from Venezuela, which may be the smallest inaccuracy in the story):

Dr Yeshayahu Rubinstein explains that there are two polynucleotide helixes in the DNA. He claims they are held together by a bridge of sulphur that bridges the DNA base pairs in a sequence of 10-5-6-5. And guess what? The gematria of 10-5-6-5 is יהוה! Or Yahweh, the God if the Jews. See here proof that our bodies tell the truth about its Creator!

The Hebrew skeptics site Sharp Thinking debunked this in 2014 in an article called God Hides in Small Details.

Rubinstein claims in the above video at around 4:43 minutes that his findings were published in Nature magazine in October 1986.

Here's how Dr Rubinstein is wrong:

  • It wasn't possible until 2012 to view DNA with an electron microscope, see DNA imaged with electron microscope for the first time. How did Rubinstein see the DNA helix 26 years before the first DNA image through an electron microscope?
  • There is no bridge of sulphur bridging the DNA helixes. Your friend here is Wikipedia:

    The DNA double helix polymer of nucleic acid, held together by nucleotides which base pair together.

    Nucleotides are organic molecules that serve as the monomers, or subunits, of nucleic acids like DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) and RNA (ribonucleic acid). The building blocks of nucleic acids, nucleotides are composed of a nitrogenous base, a five-carbon sugar (ribose or deoxyribose), and at least one phosphate group.
  • Also according to Prof. in molecular genetics Rotem Sorek from the Weizmann institute:

    The molecular build of DNA was already discovered by Watson and Crick in the beginning of the 50's. Science knows this structure in its details. There is no sulphur bridge between the DNA helixes whatsoever. There is also no sequence of 10, 5, 6 and 5.
  • Gil'ad Diamant from the Sharp Thinking site mentioned above looked up the October 1986 edition of Nature, but didn't see the article involved:

    So he decided to call up Rubinstein who said that it appeared on a one-page piece about the Watson-Crick Structure of DNA. In the end, it allegedly said something like:"By the way, this is the name of God in the DNA".

    When asked about the fact that there is no mention whatsoever about the article on the Internet, and if he could show a copy of the article, Rubinstein claimed that he unfortunately gave away his last copy of the article...